Personalized legal assistance

We advise both natural and legal persons in the protection of their rights in a specific way in each case. We have a cast of specialists in multiple branches who will find a way to offer this personalized assistance to each occasion.


Ongoing legal advice

We offer an advice service adapted to the needs of each company.

This type of service helps us to achieve and build a stronger relationship with our clients and for them it is a much more agile way of obtaining legal advice when they need it.


Conflict resolution – Mediation

In order not to reach a lawsuit and resolve the conflict in a peaceful way, we also offer a mediation service between clients.

  1. It is a voluntary process and unlike trials, much more flexible and participatory. With this mediation we seek:
  2. Facilitate the establishment of a new relationship between the parties in conflict.
  3. Correct perceptions and false information that may be had regarding the conflict and between those involved in it.
  4. Create a framework that facilitates communication between the parties and the transformation of the conflict.


Acquisition processes – Contract negotiation

We help to study and evaluate the contract prior to the acquisition of a company, and we will advise on the drafting of its terms and conditions, as well as the reminder of the previous documents to present before making the acquisition of the company.


Procedural – Legal defense – Intervention in Courts

We represent the client before any procedural act in which they must appear in the courts, always in defense of their interests and rights.